Public Service Announcement

Gather round, and let me tell you how it is. Uncle Pancakes is feeling pedantic!


There are certain things about which people-in-general are just plain wrong. Ok, that’s hardly news, so let me narrow it down a bit: Popular culture has taken to calling things by the wrong name and, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, it drives me absolutely buggy to hear these same mistakes over and over and over.

Let’s start with men’s shirts. Take a look at this:


This is not a picture of a button down shirt. “Button down” does not, and never has, had anything to do with the fact that the shirt is not a pullover shirt. This is a button down shirt:


See the difference? The collar buttons down to the front of the shirt. Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of shirt. My taste is likely influenced by the fact that I am frequently too lazy to unbutton the collar before I put the shirt in the wash, which produces a hideously twisted collar area that no amount of ironing will repair.

Let’s move on to facial hair. The man picture below has a decent amount of it. What he does not have, however, is a goatee.


This gentleman is sporting a goatee:


A goatee is just a chin beard because, you know, it looks kind of like something on a goat. If there’s a mustache as well, it’s a Van Dyke. If the mustache and the beard are joined, then congratulations! You’ve got a circle beard. There’s nothing wrong with that look, especially since it lets you grow out facial hair in all the worst places to shave, but it’s not a goatee.

The final entry is one that’s new to me, but now that my eyes have been opened, it irritates me more than any of the others. Check out this gent:


This stylish hat he is wearing is not a fedora; it’s a trilby. The thin brim and the upturned back are dead giveaways. This man is wearing a fedora:


You may notice that this hat seems a little more “manly.” There’s a good reason for that:


Yup, the trilby is a woman’s hat. That said, there’s nothing wrong with men wearing any article of women’s clothing, and certainly nothing wrong with wearing a trilby (Bing Crosby could rock them), but they are not to be confused with fedoras.

I hope you found this public service announcement helpful. Thank you for your time, and take care.


Uncle WTF

2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. The trilby is not a woman’s hat. Where on earth did you get that from? Does anyone check what you write ?

    1. I stand corrected. I based my statement on the fact that women look good in trilbys and men, with a very few exceptions, do not. Even Frank Sinatra couldn’t pull it off. But you’re correct, it is meant to be a men’s hat.

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