In Case You Were Wondering

Yes, I’m aware that the tone of this blog has changed significantly since the start of 2014. I felt like I was becoming a bit of a one-trick pony, poking at the horrors of the right wing and the utter lack of an effective opposition to them. Frankly, writing about ugly, negative stuff every day […]

Love Letter To A Song

Are you familiar with Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way?” If not, give it a listen: Actually, go ahead and enjoy it even if you’ve heard the song a zillion times. It’s a great tune and a great performance. But….have you ever noticed how intensely weird the rhythm is? The electric guitar and acoustic guitar […]

Handicapping the EPL Home Stretch

As of today, the Premiership field is effectively narrowed to four teams. Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool are within four points of each other. Tottenham Hostpur, lost (deservedly) to Norwich today and now sit six points behind Liverpool. They may yet rally and finish in the top four, but their title challenge is over. […]

Public Service Announcement

Gather round, and let me tell you how it is. Uncle Pancakes is feeling pedantic! There are certain things about which people-in-general are just plain wrong. Ok, that’s hardly news, so let me narrow it down a bit: Popular culture has taken to calling things by the wrong name and, for reasons that aren’t entirely […]

Working at Something You Love

This one’s a bit more like an old-school LJ post than the…well, whatever it is that this blog’s known for. Just wanted to warn you before we got started. I’ve had the opportunity to make money in a field I loved three times so far in my life. I’ve worked, tangentially, in the music industry, […]

The Gini Coefficient is a Harsh Mistress

You know that guy? That guy who tells a joke, an inappropriate half-joke, a racist, or sexist, or something of that sort? After telling the joke, they look around in a furtive fashion, trying to read the reaction of the listeners. If the listeners are sympathetic, then go further: “All kidding aside, you know, they […]

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

…and happy birthday to any of you who share a birthday with him since you’re considerably more likely to receive these birthday wishes. In some ways, I think Darwin’s place in the history of science is a little over-stated. There’s no question that he was (jointly) responsible for a tremendous leap in the theoretical model […]

A Proposal For a 13-Month Calendar

Alrighty, I have an idea I’d like to share with you both all, and I think it’s a good one. Here’s the pitch: A 13-month calendar is, for many reasons, a much better thing than a 12-month calendar. It makes so man things easier when every month is the same length. You just tack a […]