A Quick One (While He’s Away)

I apologize for neglecting this space of late. I’ve been inhabiting another persona for some paying work that’s left less time than I need to really occupy this headspace. I have some interesting things queued up, but that doesn’t mean I’ll execute ’em well, so…watch this space.

I’ve found that the smartphone is an invaluable eavesdropping tool for the morning commute. By staring at the screen,I give the impression that I’m not listening intently to the conversations going on nearby. Once I’ve cleared my RSS feed, other people’s conversations are almost always more interesting than what Google thinks I want to read about.

Based on this morning’s ride, I feel like I can safely say that nothing makes a person sound “old” like complaining about the lack of meaning in current popular music. Yes, there are lot of stupid songs out there. But, ya know, there have been stupid songs on the pop charts since the inception of the pop charts. In 1955, two different versions of “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” were among the top 25 song.

What sticks with me about this particular complaint is that I know parents in 1955 were saying the same thing about “Rock Around The Clock” that this guy was saying about about his daughter’s music. I really don’t understand how you forget that.


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