Ho ho ho! Santa Pancakes has some holiday music for you!


Happy holidays everybody! I hope you all are having a lovely time. If you’re anything like me (and I have no reason to think you are, but bear with me), you’re probably a little bit jaded with all of the traditional Christmas music. That’s what I’m here for! Here are a few songs that keep me in the spirit without having to play my Bing Crosby 78’s again. Enjoy!

“Just Like Christmas” – Low (a surprisingly upbeat song from a band whose gloomy reputation is, I think, a bit overstated)

“A Snowflake Fell (and it Felt Like a Kiss)” – Glasvegas (and a surprisingly delicate tune from a band that has no reputation for subtlety)

“The Spirit of Giving” – The New Pornographers (heh heh heh, oh Dan Bejar you card)

“Christmas Song” – Mogwai (because I can never not listen to Mogwai)

Okay, everything after this point is a little more off-center. Proceed with caution. I like ’em, but your mileage may vary.

“A Christmas Duel” – The Hives and Cyndi Lauper (not even a little bit safe for work, but this is the Hives/Cyndi Lauper team-up you’ve been dreaming of)

“The Little Drummer Boy” – Bad Religion (It’s almost disappointing to hear Bad Religion play it so straight and I say this as an owner of their original holiday sampler, but they can sing and they can play and it’s a fun cover)

“Christmas At Ground Zero” – Weird Al Yankovic (because Weird Al. ’nuff said)

“Testament to Youth in Verse” – New Pornographers (this one’s actually a paean to teen celibacy, but it has sleighbells and a magnificent ending, so give it a listen)



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