Courtesy of Mr. Wong

Cracked’s David Wong gave us one of those year end lists…actually, no, it’s more interesting than those lists. Mr. Wong is a cynical dude and his list has some bite to it: 5 Signs the Tech Industry Finally Ran Out Of Ideas In 2013.

Each entry has some merit and, as always, Wong’s worth reading, so please click the link and take a look.  I’ll just add a couple of notes:

5. Apple appears to have stopped innovating: This one seems true (from the outside), and its a bummer. Whether or not you’re a fan of Apple, it’s hard to deny that they’ve lead the consumer electronics market in some pretty interesting directions.

4. 3D TV Failed, and Television Makers Are Lost as to What’s Next: I don’t think the fact that 3D TV failed is a huge shock. Personally, I’d love to see wearable LCDs, shirts made from sheets of transistors, that can display anything you want. I’m probably not enough of a market to matter, though.

3. Wearable Gadgets Arrived, and They’re As Ridiculous as You Thought: I take issue with this one a little because I do think wearable gadgets are going to be a very big thing and we’re very close to reaching the point where they’re worth owning. So, I think Wong is right, but not for long.

2. The New Game Consoles Arrived, Based on Features No One Could Want:  This one’s a lot like #4 to me. We’ve taken the concept about as far as it’s going to go on its own. It seems likely that TVs and consoles will melt away as unique entities before too terribly long.

1. 2013 Was the Year Google Finally Turned Evil: Google and I have been on less-than-friendly terms for some time now, so you can probably guess my opinion of this one. I wish it were otherwise.

So, yeah…there wasn’t a lot this year in tech that got me excited in a good way. If “Bitcoin” was one of the biggest stories out there, then it was a slow year indeed.

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