A week with the LG G2

With a week of using the LG G2 under my belt, I’m starting to get a good idea of what it can and can’t do. Let’s start with the good stuff. Let’s start with the big picture. Last night, walking to the store, I ran SpeetTest just for giggles. I had a “whoa” moment when […]

Why DRM and the TPP are really, really bad ideas

Or, at least, one of the reasons. In the digital world, DRM is extremely unpopular. It doesn’t even slow down pirates, but it punishes real customers. It forces people who buy digital properties legitimately to install clunky and sometimes dangerous additional software on their devices to be able to enjoy their purchases.  And, heaven help […]

For all my troubles with Google+

they’ve never pulled anything quite as brazen as this: Facebook patented an API to make it easier for law-enforcement agencies (NSA et. al.) to retrieve data on Facebook users. So, not only were they denying giving this information to the government, not only were they building tools to make it easy for the government, they […]

The Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty

(posting here for future reference in case anything happens to Wikileaks – here’s the original link, too) WikiLeaks About Donate Banking Blockade Press Chat Supporters Partners Australia – Fairfax Chile – CIPER Chile – Derechos Digitales Mexico – La Jornada New Zealand – New Zealand Herald US – Knowledge Ecology International US – McClatchy US […]

The Cruelest Thing You Can Do…

…to Sarah Palin is to quote her accurately and in-context. She was asked this question:  “What are we hearing from the Tea Party in terms of an absolute, realistic plan that can be an alternative to Obamacare?” Her response was vintage Palin: “The plan is to allow those things that had been proposed over many […]

Obvious Troll Is Oblivious (Hi Rush!)

Oh Rush, you are so adorable! Let’s leave aside, for a moment, your pig-ignorant comment about single mothers being “semen receptacles.” I mean, that’s so obviously stupid that you must be trying to get a reaction from Cuccinelli, who must not be in on the joke. No, instead, I’d like to focus on your sublimely […]

More Fun From the Lone Star State

Just yesterday, I posted about the Representatives in Texas who claim to be fighting for religious freedom while fighting against it. The good news is that there are Texans out there who are willing to fight for freedom. The bad news? They’re doing it by stalking a group of women who are pushing for gun […]

My first weekend with the LG G2

After over a year of waiting for the “next big thing”, I finally took the plunge and switched from my trusty old Evo 4G and picked up the new LG G2. After 3 1/2 years, a new phone feels really, really strange, but I’m feeling pretty good about my choice. Here are my initial impressions. […]

Texas at the forefront…

…of forcing people to pretend to believe in God when taking an oath in the name of religious liberty. The article puts Sam Johnson at the forefront, but it’s really Pete Olson who’s bringing the dishonesty here. I’m trying to find the most pertinent bit to quote, but man, he gets it so wrong in […]

The Authorities Sure Love Goatse!

You know, there are some stories that are so obviously messed up that it feels redundant to write about them. I mean, who exactly is going to come to the defense of agents who are way too thorough with their cavity searches? But when we get two such stories in a week? That’s too weird […]