Google selectively enforcing policies against Cyanogenmod?

I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Google “asked” Cyanogenmod to remove their installer from the Google Play store. I put “asked” in great big ol’ quotes because it was a request backed by a threat, or really, a promise that it would be done by force if the request wasn’t granted.

Like I’ve said about, ahem, “other instances of Google’s selective enforcement of ill-defined policies“, it’s Google’s playground and they’re well within their rights to wall off the garden as much as their heart desires. That said, it’s a real dick move to enforce their polices selectively and/or capriciously. That makes it almost impossible for people who use Google’s services to know if what they’re doing is in compliance. Or, worse, if what they’re doing today will be adjudged to be against the terms of service tomorrow. You can’t build a business around Google services if they’re going to behave like this.

P.S. Interestingly, Google has updated the names policy page to make it slightly less nebulous. Now there’s a link to the Terms of Service, which contains a significantly different names policy than the one stated on the names policy page. Hmm…

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