A week with the LG G2

With a week of using the LG G2 under my belt, I’m starting to get a good idea of what it can and can’t do. Let’s start with the good stuff.

  • Let’s start with the big picture. Last night, walking to the store, I ran SpeetTest just for giggles. I had a “whoa” moment when I realized I was walking around with a device that had 10×7 internet speed (Sprint isn’t super fast), a GPS, a quad core processor with more RAM than my laptop, a higher resolution screen than my laptop and vastly greater pixel density and…just wow. The old Star Trek tricoder analogy isn’t even close anymore. I know this sort of thing is commonplace now, but that’s part of the “whoa.” These magical devices aren’t even that special to us.
  • The battery life is as good as advertised. I’ve taken to being kind of wasteful with it and leaving GPS and other battery hogs turned on to try to seed Google Now with good information and I can still get through the day easily.
  • The knock on feature is, weirdly enough, a killer app for me. Using other phones and having to find the power button feels really weird. It kind of makes me want to check out the Moto X.
  • The sound quality is good. It’s not HTC One good, but it’s good.
  • It remains absurdly fast. Apps open in a blink.
  • The camera is better than I need.
  • It’s so much lighter than the other phones I’ve used I barely feel it in my pocket, even with it’s huge screen.
  • I’m just starting to play with the LG software features. The notification bar has too many options. But, some of them are kinda cool. I’ve been goofing around with the Q-Slide multitasking thing. It looks interesting but it’s not quite there yet. Some of their stuff is goofy, but I’m looking forward to doing a little digging.
  • Google Now has some promise. More on that in a bit.

Now, the less than great stuff:

  • The screen size is great, but the thinness and the width and the slick back make it very awkward to hold. HTC nailed it with the One.
  • The buttons on the back? I may grow to love them, but right now, they still feel awkward.
  • I’ve never had a device that screamed for case as much as this one. The form factor is not great. Have I mentioned that already?  Good. I’ll keep repeating it.
  • The learning curve for getting everything set up the way you like is a little steep.
  • Google Now is really, really struggling to understand the concept of “train.” I’ve entered “public transportation” as my preferred mode of travel and checked “light/commuter rail.” I’ve done many Google searches for train schedules to try to seed the history with appropriate searches. I’ve stood at the $#%^$%& station 10 minutes before the train arrived and just stared while Google Now tried to tell me to walk away from the station and catch a bus. I think this technology is going to be useful (and scary) some day, but right now? It’s an annoyance that’s going to be removed from my home screen.
  • Wireless charging would be nice. Really nice. The USB port feels solid, but that’s always the first thing to go on my phones and it’d be nice to be able to charge it some other way.

All in all? It’s a crazy phone for the price, or for any price, really. It’d be nice if it ran Android 4.4, but that’s just a matter of time. It’s not the nicest phone to hold or to listen to, but it’s the fastest and has the biggest battery and the best screen. I’m pretty happy with it.

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