Why DRM and the TPP are really, really bad ideas

Or, at least, one of the reasons.

In the digital world, DRM is extremely unpopular. It doesn’t even slow down pirates, but it punishes real customers. It forces people who buy digital properties legitimately to install clunky and sometimes dangerous additional software on their devices to be able to enjoy their purchases.  And, heaven help you if the rights owner decides it’s no longer in their interest to maintain their means of authentication. At that point, your purchase is now useless even though you paid for it. There’s a darned good reason that DRM laws and treaties are negotiated in secret. People really, really hate them.

Now, imagine the same, bizarre scheme, not in the digital world, but in your car.

Yep, all those great DRM-enforcing laws that apply to downloading music are coming soon to your automobile. If you don’t put the right brand of battery in your car, your car won’t work. Oh, and “jailbreaking” your car? Yeah, that’s illegal.

This is really, really bad. And it’s only going to get worse.

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