Texas at the forefront…

…of forcing people to pretend to believe in God when taking an oath in the name of religious liberty.

The article puts Sam Johnson at the forefront, but it’s really Pete Olson who’s bringing the dishonesty here. I’m trying to find the most pertinent bit to quote, but man, he gets it so wrong in so many ways it’s tough to edit. Let’s give this a shot:

“It was disheartening to see the Air Force Academy succumb to anti-religious zealotry from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF),” Pete Olson said. “As a former Navy pilot, I can speak to the value of allowing God to be present for our military men and women.”
That’s Olson responding to a proposal to make saying “So help me God” at the end of the Air Force cadet oath of honor optional. No one’s talking about banning it. Optional. Olson’s complaint is utterly, wholly dishonest.
So, on the off chance that anyone was wondering if Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, George Bush, and John Cornyn were the exception, I think we can put one to rest. It’s the whole state.


3 thoughts on “Texas at the forefront…

  1. More great news from the all American state of Texas!

    America is one nation under God, undeniably. The Founders invoked God four times in the Declaration of Independence.

    And an oath not sword, “so help me God,” is not an oath at all.

    So allowing atheists to skate (lie) their oath while authentic Americans make a solemn, authentic oath is a shame, a shame, a travesty.

    Atheists need to either get with program and learn what being an American really is, or skate off to Europe, Russia or China an oath is just hot air.

    1. Thanks for the interesting comment. I’m afraid I don’t find much in what you say that I agree with, but hey, it’s no fun when everyone agrees, right?

      Personally, while I find their intentions interesting, I don’t find them compelling. They were smart, well-meaning men who fought out a bitter compromise that none of them felt was in any way “perfect.” Their work, impressive though it was, was undeniably flawed. I don’t have any trouble denying the “one nation under God” (especially since that didn’t come up til the 1950’s).

      As for the oath, I’m curious. Would your rather atheists, who are, by all legal, constitutional definitions, authentic Americans, lie and pretend to swear by a God they don’t believe in, or be honest and just swear the oath without the bit that would be a lie to them?

      None of this addresses the central point of my post: The Texas reps are lying about the change to the oath. They’re saying that God has been removed from it and that servicemen and servicewomen won’t be allowed to include God. That is an untruth. What’s your opinion on that?

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