Obvious Troll Is Oblivious (Hi Rush!)

Oh Rush, you are so adorable! Let’s leave aside, for a moment, your pig-ignorant comment about single mothers being “semen receptacles.” I mean, that’s so obviously stupid that you must be trying to get a reaction from Cuccinelli, who must not be in on the joke. No, instead, I’d like to focus on your sublimely ridiculous web site. Let me drop an image in here so readers don’t have to give Mr. Limbaugh any undeserved clicks:


How is that for some Vanilla Ice meets GeoCities design? Could there be any more gold on there? And that cigar! Paging Dr. Freud! Seriously, he looks like the kind of guy who’d hop on a jet with a bunch of dudes, bring a bottle of someone else’s Viagra, and junket off to a region known for its child sex trade. I’m not saying he did any of that. We should be sympathetic to a man like Limbaugh with a substance abuse problem. I mean, that’s what he’d recommend, right?

Sorry, I know this is “fish in a barrel” stuff, but it just never gets old with Rush. No one has worked harder to make this country a worse place, dumber, angrier, less empathetic, more racist, and yes, more sexist, than Rush Limbaugh. If this seems like piling on, then click the first article I linked and tell me if you think Limbaugh’s been ridiculed enough.

Hint: It’s never enough.

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