My first weekend with the LG G2

After over a year of waiting for the “next big thing”, I finally took the plunge and switched from my trusty old Evo 4G and picked up the new LG G2. After 3 1/2 years, a new phone feels really, really strange, but I’m feeling pretty good about my choice. Here are my initial impressions.

  • The battery life is insane. To me, battery life is one of the most important features of a phone. My first smartphone, a Moto Q, came with an extended life battery,  and I quickly swapped out the battery on my Evo for a much larger one. The only phone I’ve returned to the store, the Palm Pre, was a beautiful piece of hardware, but you could literally watch the battery indicator shrink while it was just sitting there. After the first overnight charge Friday night, I used the G2 Saturday and Sunday. It went back on the charger each night with 75% and 79% battery life remaining. In this day and age of non-removable and non-replaceable batteries, this is a big deal.
  • It’s crazy fast.
  • The double tap thingy to wake it up and put it to sleep is so useful and intuitive that other phones already seem weird to me. Every phone should have something like this.
  • The sound is a little tiny, not nearly as rich as the HTC One, but it’s loud and better than I expected.
  • It seems to have an almost infinite level of customization available that I’ve only just started to explore. For example, I can set LED blink colors for every person in my contact list.
  • It’s incredibly light for a phone with a battery this strong and a screen this big.
  • I haven’t really used the buttons (power and volume) on the back of the phone yet. Maybe they’ll make sense to me when I need them, but my hands are big enough to get around the phone.
  • It’s thin and wide and very, very slippery. Get a case.
  • Oh, and it shows fingerprints like noone’s business. Seriously, get a case.

Taken as a whole, it’s an insane phone and one that I expect will keep me happy for several years. It’s not as well made or as “refined” as the HTC One (which is an amazing phone) or as easy to handle as the Moto X, but in the end, it was the battery that sold me. If that’s a need of yours, I can’t recommend it strongly enough.


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