Belaboring The Obvious (re: Rand Paul)

Noted plagiarist Rand Paul is getting a lot of press for wistfully mentioning that he wishes he could engage in a duel to defend his honor. That’s good, meaty stuff for the news cycle, but I can’t say as I really blame Paul.  This isn’t exactly the first time that he’s been accused of lifting other people’s work and claiming it as his own. Three pages of his book were copied verbatim from a Heritage Foundation essay. No wonder he’d prefer to duel for his honor than, say, let the facts speak for themselves.

The Christian Science Monitor has a list of 14 Republicans who could run for President next time around. Even with the caveat that this is a very, very preliminary list, the field is disappointingly short on the real nutters. There’s no Michele Bachmann, no Herman Cain, and no Sarah Palin. The Santorums and Ryans and Walkers are all present, and while they’re amusing in their own way, they just can’t go full-on nuts the way the candidates did last time around. Rick Perry’s on the list too, but I have a horrible suspicion that he’s learned from his experience and he’ll be a disappointment this time around.

Thank goodness, then, for Rand Paul. So long as one of the Pauls is part of the mix, we’ll get to see some of that good, old-timey crazy that the G.O.P. has come to stand for. Please please please let him run, and let his candidacy get enough steam behind it that he’ll be around til the end. I’ll have something to write about for years to come.

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