Rogue Archivist

On one hand, it’s a little thrilling to see anyone described as a “rogue archivist.” On the other hand, the idea that such a thing would be needed is kind of terrifying, isn’t it? Carl Malamud’s rogue activities are restricted to publishing laws. And by “laws”, I mean things like “building codes.” The idea that you should have to pay to find out what the law is is an absurdity.  It’s very “Harry Tuttle” and we all know what the state tried to do to him.

I don’t think the fix for this is very complicated. Laws, and that includes building codes with the force of law, need to be available to everyone at no cost. That’s a very legitimate use of tax dollars. I suspecct even the Tea Party types would agree with me on that one (minus a few Randians, but I doubt I’ll ever make them happy). While we’re at it, let’s go ahead an make secret laws illegal. And, how about “making laws in secret” too.

This is fun. A lot more fun than living in a country where a “rogue archivist” has to break the law to make laws public.

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