When Blogs About Bloggers Going Bad Go Bad

The word of the day is “meh.”

That last post wasn’t especially good. I had a good starting place. I had good articles to link. The basic idea for the post was, I think, solid. It really should have been one of my better posts.

It just didn’t work.

By that I mean “I didn’t make it work.” I tried to cover too much ground, the direction I was going was too obvious for a post that long, and, here’s the key: I wasn’t really in a snarky mood when I was writing it. I knew I had good material at my disposal, but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to process it.

It’s tough to look at something you posted and think “that’s really kind of crap.” If this were a professional piece, I’d file it away for when I was in the proper mood and revisit it. As it is, it’ll just be a learning experience.

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