Gun Groups Show A Modicum Of Good Taste (And Wishful Thinking) On The Anniversary of Sandy Hook

This is good news, I guess. The 2nd Amendment rights groups that designated 14 December as “Guns Save Lives Day” have decided to move their celebration to the 15th of December. They’d originally settled on the 14th because that’s the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings. If that sounds a little tone-deaf or even perversely obtuse to you, I can assure you that you’re not alone.  They seemed genuinely shocked to receive so much backlash for creating an event celebrating gun ownership as something that protects human life on the same day as a recent massacre.

Obviously, the date selection wasn’t coincidence. Their stated reason for selecting the anniversary of Sandy Hook was to preempt what they assumed would be an outpouring of anti-gun sentiment on that date. In fairness, it’s perfectly understandable why they’d make that assumption. The anniversary of a massacre is a pretty damned appropriate time to make a statement about factors that contributed to the massacre. It also seems like a really inappropriate time to make a statement in favor of one of those factors.

So, the gun groups have decided to kick their event back a day. The event’s founder, Alan Gottlieb, explains why:

“We will not politicize the day, and we hope (gun-control advocates) will not politicize and push their anti-civil rights agenda on the 14th,” the group’s founder and executive vice president, Alan Gottlieb, told the New Haven Register.

“We’re going to show that we are sensitive.”

Ah, I see. After selecting an explicitly politicized date to hold an explicitly politicized event, the organizer has decided to move it because of the shitstorm he created by selecting such a wildly inappropriate date for his gun-fest. And, since he’s decided to move his event, he’s asking others, whose statements might be a little more suited to the occassion, to also hold off from making politcal statements. That’s a reasonable expecectation, right?

If my eyeroll was visible through your computer screen, I apologize. At least I kept a straight face. Sort of.

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