TL/DR – A recap of yesterday’s post

The Future of the Book thing over on Charlie Stross’ blog is interesting stuff. I posted my thoughts on the subject at length yesterday. At very, very great length. Probably too much length. So here’s the short version:

Digital art of any sort is cheaper to produce than it used to be, free to copy, and very nearly free to distribute. Encumbering it with DRM does not make it any more difficult to make copies; it only inconveniences legitimate customers. In this environment it is very difficult to monetize digital art. People are still paying for it, but it’s more out of custom than necessity.

Based on these observations, I believe that we’ll see a reversal of the model that many of us grew up with. The work of art will not be the “product” that brings in the income; it will be the advertisement for the other things that the artist can use to earn a living.

This is the sort of thing I post before the coffee kicks in properly.

EDIT: And…as it turns out, Amazon really, really likes DRM. Go figure. Look, DRM is a very short-term play. Get out of that pond as quickly as you can. You’ll thank me for it later.

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