Last Chance Saloon-Google+ style!

Well, four weeks after it was submitted, Google officially rejected my first appeal to have my Google+ account reinstated. I was suspended after a year and a half on the site because my name violates the Goolge+ names policy. The policy has been eased since its inception; you are no longer required to use your real name so long as you can demonstrate that you have an online presence under your chosen name.

I really thought the Nymwars were over. I was under the impression that, so long as you were a good citizen and didn’t use your name maliciously (impersonation, trolling, etc.), then they would leave you be. It makes a lot of sense to allow pseudonyms. Otherwise, you’re tacitly encouraging people who won’t or can’t use their real name to create accounts under names that appear real but aren’t. The opportunity for abuse is much greater in than scenario.

So, I’ve made my case. I’ve submitted documentation and links that I believe establish this identity as one under which I’m known online. If anyone has any helpful ideas, I’m all ears. I’ve spent a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of..ok, only a little money on this name. I’m going to keep it regardless of the success of my second (and likely last) appeal. I’ll be disappointed to leave G+. The product is dodgy, but it still has potential, and there’s a great user community there.

I live in hope that the next time I write about this, it’ll be to announce the success of my appeal. Wish me luck.

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