Fear of the fear of the devil

You might have noticed this making the rounds on this World Wide Web recently. Antonin Scalia believes that the devil is real.

I think most of the ground that I would cover has been thoroughly covered, so I’ll just make a couple of quick points and let it go:

1. I don’t suppose Scalia has ever considered just how weird and scary it is for people who can’t see angels and devils and the like. He’s a member of the nation’s highest court where he is expected to show clear thinking and great wisdom and he believes that the devil being who not only exists, but he’s become “wilier” because he doesn’t actually do anything anymore. This sounds kind of batshit to more of us than he probably thinks.

2. Scalia appears to demonstrate a mindset here that drives me to distraction. The way I read the interview, he believes what he believes because he’s a Catholic and, if you’re a Catholic, you have to believe this stuff. That’s 180 degrees from the way I like to think I approach it. I believe X and Y; liberals believe X and Y. Ergo, I am a liberal because we believe the same things.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Scalia was being playful and I’m reading too much into it. I don’t get that impression, but I could be wrong. But if I’m not, it was a very weird and very uncomfortable interview for the non-believing folks in the United States.

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