My Own Little Serenity Prayer

I swear, every day I read something that infuriates me. I have to keep reminding myself that:

1) It’s a choice to keep seeking this stuff out and reacting to it. I can always choose to shut it down. Yes, social media, I’m looking at you. I can leave you any time I want.
2) I must be getting something out of the impotent fury and frustration. Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep doing it. I’ll admit, when i read something especially dumb, some logic that’s especially specious, I grin and get excited and start imagining how I’ll react to it.
3) I need to remember that there are some places I just shouldn’t look for happiness. It isn’t at work. It isn’t at a hospital. It sure as hell isn’t on
Now, with that said, we turn our attention to Chicks on the Right. I wasn’t familiar with them prior to today, but whoa…this is some industrial-level dumb right here. I suspect that this may be intentional; given the trollish nature of including the provocative “chicks” in their title, they seem to be aiming for confrontation more than information.
You know, I was going to go through this line by line. But…nah. The earth-shaking level of dumb in this Chicks’ post kind of speaks for itself.  The TL/DR: We’re going to pretend that something that is very close but not quite something that can be interpreted as “offensive” is intentional and proves that we’re right about this nefarious administration!
It’s really funny stuff.

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