Now that @horse_ebooks is gone…

If you’re looking for a new twitter-based example of sublimely ridiculous performance art, might I suggest Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy? I’ve been bombarded by ads suggesting that reading Twitchy will “make a liberal mad” or something like that, so right off the bat, you know what you’re getting: Trolling!  

That’s about it, but they do it well. It’s easy say something that other people will disagree with, but that’s not really trolling. A good troll says things that are provocative and profoundly stupid so that responding to them bring your opponent down to your 2nd grade level of discourse. You make intentionally contradictory claims, you spout logical fallacies, and (this is the key bit) you pretend like this nonsense actually supports your side. The goal is to frustrate and antagonize, not to inform or make persuasive arguments.

And man, that Twitchy. is frustrating, but it’s not really amusing because everyone there really believes the stuff they’re saying.  They’re not troll; they’re just kind of sad. Twitchy, though, is a different animal. Malkin has created a bullhorn she uses to just blast out statements of illogic designed to irritate and it’s extremely effective and quite amusing, so long as you realize that that’s the whole purpose of the site.

Now, it’s not as funny as horse_ebooks, but, amazingly, Twitchy actually makes less sense. Check it out.

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