The NSA Doesn’t Quite Deny Illegal Activity

Gen. Keith Alexander addressed some of the allegations against the NSA at a cybersecurity conference today. Here’s the money quote. Ok, it’s really the only quote, but you get the idea: “NSA does collect information on terrorists and our national intelligence priorities but we are not authorized to go into a U.S. company’s servers and […]

Rogue Archivist

On one hand, it’s a little thrilling to see anyone described as a “rogue archivist.” On the other hand, the idea that such a thing would be needed is kind of terrifying, isn’t it? Carl Malamud’s rogue activities are restricted to publishing laws. And by “laws”, I mean things like “building codes.” The idea that […]

Silver Linings (Google+ edition)

Well, still no joy on the G+ front, but I can at least recommend the Google+ help community.  They’ve been more responsive and more informative than any of the responses my names policy violation appeals. I still don’t have much hope for my appeal. The actual Google+ names policy is apparently somewhat different from the […]

Cop Fails At Life, Gets $38,000 Settlement

As I’m sure you’re already aware, John Pike, the former University of California at Davis campus policeman, just received a $38,000 settlement for the trauma he suffered in the line of duty.  Normally, I’m all for compensating police for trauma suffered in carrying out their difficult, dangerous, and thankless job. Of course, in this particular […]

PSA – Comments Edition

Ok, for the time being, I’m moderating comments. I will probably open itt up at some point, but since the volume is still really low, I’m using the moderate function just to ensure that I don’t miss anything. Pretty much any comment will be approved so long as it relates to the post. For example, […]

Hall and Oates for the Hall and, er, of Fame.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice article explaining why Hall and Oates belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s “nice”, but, except for a solid quote from Letters to Cleo’s Kay Hanley, it’s not terribly illuminating even if it does reach the correct conclusion. The tone of the article is defensive […]