Nothing about Obamacare

I just can’t bring myself to write about it right now.

So, instead, let’s talk about something else: The Insurance Industry (and not, not health insurance-we’re not talking about that, remember?)! There may be no more reality-based industry on this planet than the insurance industry. The actuaries and their (now largely electronic) tables containing unspeakably exact data can project trends and events with far greater accuracy than just about any other collection of people. They’re the polar opposite of the speculative financial industry. Rather than create events, the insurance industry deals with the consequences of those events. They are the very definition of reality-based.

They’re pretty convinced about this whole “global warming” thing.

Now, the fact the insurers seem to believe that global warming is real does not prove anything. It’s an inferential, sideways indicator, but it’s interesting. When it comes to actually putting their money where their beliefs are, the insurers (and the people buying their product) are convinced by the evidence.

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