I haven’t heard back from Google about whether or not I’ll be able to continue to use my WTF Pancakes Google+ page. I’ve been notified that I have violated their names policy.  I’m not sure exactly which part I’m accused of violating, but that’s really up to them.

It strikes me as obtuse that Google would expect people to use only their “real” names on their social network. I understand why they encourage it, but it isn’t realistic and it isn’t even in their best interest to do so. People used pseudonyms all the time and it isn’t particularly difficult, in most cases, to link the pseudonym to the “real” person, thereby providing vast more information about the person. If I’m of a mind to do so, I can usually link a ‘nym to the “real” person in a few minutes, and I don’t even have the advantage to snapshotting browser settings or looking at search history or any of the other, more reliable methods of putting the puzzle together.
I have some equity in this name and have even spent some real money invested in registering names and the like. I’d be disappointed to have to choose between Google+ and keeping my identity. That’s an easy call, no matter how much I’ve enjoyed Google+

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