This would explain a lot about Lindsay, huh?


That strapping young man with the killer ‘stache is Jeffrey Tambor on the set of “Max Headroom.” 

If you’re an Arrested Development fan and you’re anything like me, you may have felt that one of the weakest links in Season 4 was the casting of the younger George Bluth. I like Seth Rogan just fine, but he never struck me as anything other than Seth Rogan with weirder hair. It was just jarring enough that it took me out of the show.

But, looking at photos of Tambor on Max Headroom gave me a couple of ideas. One of them is interesting and impractical; the other one is inspired.

It would be sort of funny to have the young George portrayed by a digitized version of himself using the images from the old TV show. Since, you know, that’s what the whole Max Headroom show was about. Maybe even throw a “20 minutes in to the future” gag in there. That feels reasonably “Arrested Development” to me, but it might be even more jarring than the Rogan version of George.

Much better, I think, would be to have the younger version of the Bluth patriarch played by…David Cross. Not only does he look the part (at least, more so than Rogan), but it would make the Tobias/Lindsay marriage just that much creepier and at the same time more understandable.

What do ya think?  It feels very much in keeping with the spirit of the show and I think it’d be a hoot to see David Cross do a Jeffrey Tambor impression. This would work.

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