Dear Justice Scalia

Things have been a bit crazy this week, so I won’t take up too much of your time. I would like to point out that you seem a little unclear on the concept of “rights.” Rights are not something that are granted selectively by legislation. Those are “privileges.” Rights are for everyone, and a big […]

What Do The NSA Revelations Mean?

To me? Not a lot. Sure, I’m appalled that the United States government would do this, but I’m not even a little bit surprised. I’ve always assumed that, if the technology and the will existed (and there was strong reason to think that they did), then it was extremely likely that we’d find ourselves here. […]

This would explain a lot about Lindsay, huh?

That strapping young man with the killer ‘stache is Jeffrey Tambor on the set of “Max Headroom.”  If you’re an Arrested Development fan and you’re anything like me, you may have felt that one of the weakest links in Season 4 was the casting of the younger George Bluth. I like Seth Rogan just fine, […]