So, West, Texas (the comma is important) and I go way back. It’s always been one of my favorite small towns. Most Texas small towns feel like they’re just a step away from being ghost towns. Most of downtown is boarded up and you’re struck by the complete lack of people between the ages of […]


Let’s talk about the “gun control debate.” To begin with, it ain’t much of a debate. From what I can see, it looks mostly like two sides yelling at each other and then covering their ears when the other side is speaking. Given the nature of the American ‘presidential debates, I wouldn’t expect anything resembling […]

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil Ok, so Brad Paisley isn’t the devil. Not even close. I really enjoyed his work with William Shatner on that one good Shatner album. Paisley’s new song, “Accidental Racist”, has been widely ridiculed on the left side of the spectrum as ham-fisted, missing-the-point, and being a tepid step towards addressing the ugly […]

I Don’t Even Care For Modern Art

I Don’t Even Care For Modern Art We watched this documentary about Herb and Dorothy Vogel the other night and it’s stuck with me to the point that I don’t think I’ll be able to write about anything else until I work through my thoughts on this film. In terms of presentation, it’s a fairly […]

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was one of the titans of the so-called “dinosaur” media. He wrote a newspaper column about films, he wrote books about films,  and had a television show on the same subject. That’s about as old school as it gets. So, I was delighted when I discovered his Twitter feed and found him to […]

Memories of Hummus Past

Dining at a nearby middle eastern restaurant last night, I was reminded of a similar joint in another city. It was an always-busy corner joint that kept weird hours and always had a line out the door. They spoiled me for any other hummus, but, to be fair, everything they served was mindbogglingly good. The late […]