Rights and Privileges

I didn’t have a clever variation of an equal sign .GIF to use as a profile picture, but let me go on record as saying that I unequivocally support equal rights for people. Specifically, I support marriage equality. But, in a broader sense, I support “rights” which, by definition, really ought to be “equal” for everyone. Rights […]

Fighting Obtuse with Obtuse

When I was in school (which was quite a long time ago), I was probably a real pain in the butt to my teachers. When they offered up writing assignments, my favorite thing was to take their premise and run off in a logically defensible but clearly unintended (and usually wrong) direction. I’d play by […]

Hello World indeed

I’m in the process of porting from Blogger over here to WordPress. The interface and tools over here are significantly better than what I’ve been using. That’s saying damned little, of course. Blogger never achieved even LiveJournal-levels of sophistication. So, let’s take this one out for a spin and see what we wind up with. […]

Inner Dialog Via Other People’s Blogs

Yesterday, I posted, among other things, an unreasonably defensive comment on Amanda Palmer’s experience at SxSW this year. One theme I’ve been beating into the ground lately is that artists are ill-served by licensing their work exclusively through old distribution channels that produce physical reproductions of the artists’ work (CDs, books, etc.). This morning, Charlie Stross responded […]

My Morning Feed

I use my morning commute to catch up on my RSS feeds (I’m not driving) instead of reading a newspaper. It’s one of those many things that Warren Ellis presaged in Transmetropolitan: A vehicle full of people, stacked in like sardines, reading feeds instead of interacting with each other. This morning’s read was particularly interesting and I […]

How To Ruin A Good Blog Post

I’ve done it, you’ve done, we’ve probably all done it. We’ve written something that’s really clear, concise, and entertaining that cuts right to the heart of an important point…and then ruined it with a single paragraph that goes so far off the point that the entire piece seems kind of crap.Cord Jefferson has a good […]