Daily Grouse

I am a gazillion years old, or, at least, old enough to remember when the expression “politically correct” entered the lexicon. I can say with a very high level of certainty that I have never heard the expression used in a positive way. I have never heard anyone say “we need to find a more politically correct expression” except when the sarcasm is dialed up to eleven.

Political correctness is the strawiest of straw men. When people use it sarcastically or ironically or any other snark-related-adverbially, they’re raging against something that never was. In most instances, railing against “political correctness” is really just trying to excuse being rude, or mean, or thoughtless.

So, just like when I hear the words “sports utility vehicle” and mentally substitute “minivan*”, when I hear someone say “This isn’t politically correct, but what I think is…”, I’m going to mentally insert “This is me being an asshole.”

* If it’s used off-road or to tow stuff, yeah, it’s an “SUV.” If it’s a commuter vehicle that’s used to haul the kids and pets around town?  It’s a minivan.

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