It’s always suspect when someone tries to analyze the way “the other side” thinks, so I please take this post with a healthy degree of skepticism. I’m trying to understand why gun ownership rights are such a crucial matter to so many Americans. I have some ideas, but they’re not even developed to the point […]

Daily Grouse

I am a gazillion years old, or, at least, old enough to remember when the expression “politically correct” entered the lexicon. I can say with a very high level of certainty that I have never heard the expression used in a positive way. I have never heard anyone say “we need to find a more […]

Gun-Free Zones

I’ve seen more than a few posts around the web suggesting that gun-free zones are a magnet for mass-murderers since they know they’re less likely to be fired on by gun-carrying citizens. Therefore, the logic goes, we should do away with gun-free zones. There are a couple of problems with this: 1) Most gun-free zones […]

Bad Rules Encourage Bad Results

This post will be a little soccer-heavy, so bear with me. I’ll broaden the scope a little as we move along. If you follow the sport at all, you’re probably aware of the problem of “diving”, the act of simulating a foul in order to fool the referee into awarding you a free kick or […]