Most Annoying Election In My Memory

Back in the day, when my parents were both early “movement Republicans”, they liked to joke about how they always prayed for rain on election day. This was because, although Democrats outnumbered Republicans, they were less likely to get out to the polls the less convenient it was.

The more people who vote, the more Democrats get elected. 
It was true then; it’s true now. This is why the Republicans opposed initiatives that increased voter turnout like Motor Voter. This is why they hate ACORN so much. This is why they routinely purge valid names from the voter rolls. This is why they try to limit the time frame in which people can vote, and encourage discouraging lines at the polls. 
If all Americans come out and vote, they lose. The Republicans know it. They’re not even trying to pretend otherwise. If Obama wins tomorrow, I’ll be more relieved than thrilled. Mostly, I’ll be glad that the country hasn’t rewarded the cynical math of trying to prevent Americans from participating in an election in order to win. If your policies and candidates can’t win a popular election without resorting to voter suppression, maybe it’s time to get better candidates and policies.

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