State of the state

As my tech ecosystem spirals out of control, I’ve spent more than a few minutes trying to figure out what it would look like if I could build it from scratch. Here’s where I am right now: Hardware- Phone: I want my phone to go back to being a phone, mostly. I want it to […]

Testing the waters

Given blogger’s formatting challenges, I wanted to see how a mobile post looks. This is just a test. Had it been a real post, there would have been more spelling errors, grammatical inconsistencies, and wild, unsubstantiated accusations. Carry on, nothing to see here.

Jane Gets Her Insurance Card

Let’s start with my girlfriend’s situation.  We’ll call her “Jane” because Jane is not her name and this is the sort of story she’d rather I not be telling.  Jane makes $9.00 an hour doing work that is physically demanding, emotionally draining, and highly technical for a $9.00/hour job.  She can’t afford a car, so […]